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Nanokeratin Hair Smoothing Treatment

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Nanokeratin Hair Smoothing

Do you have thick, unmanageable, frizzy hair or unruly tight curls? Are smooth, sleek locks something you can only dream of?

We have the answer.

The in-salon professional Nanokeratin smoothing treatment brings dry, frizzy hair back to life and transforms it into shiny, frizz-free healthy tresses for up to 12 weeks. Your hair is left smooth and easy to manage and style.

‘Leaves locks smoother, conditioned and – most importantly – healthy from within.’

Suitable for all hair types, including damaged and over-coloured hair, Nanokeratin  nourishes each hair shaft ‘from the inside out’ infusing it with natural keratin to restore condition and health.

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Nanokeratin Hair Smoothing Treatment
from £180

If you haven’t had a hair smoothing treatment with us before we recommend you have a complimentary consultation with one of our specialists prior to booking your appointment. They will examine your hair, advise you and answer any questions about your Nanokeratin treatment.

For appointments call 01467 624880

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