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Nail Treatments

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Treat your hands and feet to the best with the trend-setting GelBottle polishes. A rainbow collection of over 360 colours at your fingertips – from flattering barely-there nudes to vibrant flamenco reds and shimmering rose gold metallics.

Lasting up to 4 weeks these gel polishes are also vegan and cruelty-free to reflect our planet-friendly ethos at Proud.

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Gel Nails

Gel Polish30 minsfrom £28
Gel Polish Removal & Reapplication45 minsfrom £33
Extra Strength Gel Polish45 minsfrom £32
Extra Strength Removal & Reapplication75 minsfrom £36
Soft Gel Extensions75 minsfrom £38
Gel Extensions90 minsfrom £43
Gel Extension Infills (Up to 4 weeks)90 minsfrom £38
Gel Polish Nails & Toes60 minsfrom £52
Gel Toes30 minsfrom £28

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Extension Removal & Redo150 minsfrom £53
Acrylic Extensions105 minsfrom £43
Acrylic Extension Infills (Up to 4 weeks)105 minsfrom £38
Acrylic French Ombre Extensions135 minsfrom £48

Nail Art

Basic Nail Art (Giltters, Foils, Stamping, one nail/hand of basic hand painted nail art)15 minsfrom £5
Detailed Nail Art (Hand painted nail art on a few nails/hand or a basic design on all nails)30 minsfrom £10
Deluxe Nail Art (Detailed nail art on most of the nails such as basic characters, floral etc)45 minsfrom £15
Custom Nail Art (Extremely detailed nail art on all nails)75 minsfrom £25

Gel & Acrylic Nail Removal

Gel Polish Removal15 minsfrom £10
Extra Strength Removal30 minsfrom £10
Gel Extension Removal45 minsfrom £15
Acrylic Extension Removal45 minsfrom £15

Nail Repair

1 Extension Repair15 minsfrom £5
2-3 Extension Repairs30 minsfrom £10

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