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Racoon Hair Extensions

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Truly beautiful, timeless hair…

With thick, luscious locks the must-have celebrity accessory of the moment, Racoon hair extensions give you instant red-carpet colour, volume, style and length, without damaging your own hair.

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Human hair extensions that look and feel natural

Racoon’s premium human hair extensions are far superior to cheaper artificial (synthetic) ones which, being made of plastic, have a different texture and shine to your own hair, as well as feeling different to the touch. Human hair is the real thing, and moves and behaves like your own hair – it looks and feels natural because it is.

Racoon use only the best quality human hair, which they source via a well-established supply network meaning they can guarantee the ethical sourcing of all their hair.

Hair extensions at Proud in Inverurie

Why wait for beautiful hair? At Proud hair salon in Inverurie we offer two choices for hair extensions, both from the globally renowned Racoon.

Racoon Luxe Bond hair extensions

The ultimate in luxurious permanent extensions. The Luxe Bond method is a loose hair system which allows your stylist to blend a mix of hair shades together to achieve the most natural of looks.

With an extensive palette of colours to choose from we can achieve natural, multi-toned colours to seamlessly match your own hair colour. The blended strands are permanently fixed to a tiny section of your natural hair using Racoon’s unique bonding system.

The result is glossy, gorgeous, luscious longer locks which, with regular maintenance appointments, last for at least 6 months and usually up to 12 months.

Racoon Luxe Link hair extensions

Luxe Link is a trichology-approved permanent extensions system which is quick and easy and safe. They are comfortable to wear, secure and virtually undetectable.

Available in a stunning range of colours Luxe Links is a no heat, no glue system, perfect for both full head and partial application, which does not damage your natural hair.

They are economical too, as hair can be re-used time and time again for at least 6 months, and up to 1 year, with regular maintenance appointments every 6-12 weeks to remove and refit them. A full head can be applied in just 90 minutes and removed in less than 30 minutes.

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Prices vary due to the type, colour and quantity of hair used. To give an accurate cost we suggest booking in for a free no obligation consultation/quote.

Hair ExtensionsPrice on consultation
Applicationfrom £75 / hour + £25 every 30 minutes thereafter
Removalfrom £30

Complimentary hair extension consultation

Why not call 01467 624880 or pop into the salon (we’re in the heart of Inverurie, and not far from Aberdeen) for a complimentary consultation and advice tailored to your hair and extensions.

We’ll help you make the right choice for you.

For appointments call 01467 624880

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