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Does cold weather damage hair?

With below freezing temperatures, it may not just be your hat that is causing your hair to look less than perfect this winter. While strong winds and cold, dry air can make your hair brittle, central heating can actually have a big impact have on your salon fresh ‘do.


Central heating can have a drying effect on your hair, causing breakages and split ends because it frequently lacks humidity, which can strip moisture from hair strands. If you notice hair breakage or other damage, then read on for our top tips to guide you through the cold weather:


Leave in Treatment
It’s essential to use a leave in treatment to protect your hair from any moisture loss and UV exposure – it is as essential as putting on your face moisturiser. In addition, a pre-shampoo deep-conditioning treatment is also a must, as it will help add moisture back into parched strands, not only improving hair elasticity but shine, manageability and frizz reduction as well.

Avoid touching your hair when you first come in
Hats and scarves can play havoc with your hair, as they will create electrical charges, causing it to repel against the fabric. While it is usually the first instinct to run your hands through your hair when you get home and take off your hat and coat, try to avoid touching the hair until it has climatised to the room temperature, otherwise it is at its most vulnerable.

Invest in an air humidifier
One of the best ways to treat dry hair caused by indoor heating, and preventing your strands from becoming dry, is to use an air humidifier. The water in a humidifier disperses moisture into the air, causing it to gain humidity. A humidifier is also a great device for preventing hair static, which can become a problem in winter from the drying effects of indoor heating and the wind and cold temperatures outside.

Avoid too much washing
Because indoor heating may deplete humidity from the air in your home, you should consider washing your hair less frequently during the winter. Excessive hair washing removes both moisture and oils and can leave your hair feeling brittle and looking dull, so try and limit the number of times you wash your hair to just two to three times per week.

Invest in the right products
It is important that you invest in the right products to help you banish the winter hair blues. Ensure you aren’t using clarifying shampoos and switch to mild hydrating cleansers, ideally sulphate-free. Switch from the light conditioners you would use during the summer to deep and intensive conditioners, masques and treatments that pack moisture back into your hair. In addition, you may want to try introducing head massages into your morning routine, as it will help to encourage blood flow and circulation.

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